Lodge Officers

2022 Officers

Worshipful Master Billy Zielinski

Worshipful Master’s Message 

I’m honored to be elected as worshipful master of Canaveral lodge. To the past masters and brothers thank you for teaching and allowing me to achieve this prestigious title. I do not take this responsibility lightly.  To the friends and family that continue to support us know that our appreciation goes out to you as well.  As we transition into a new year I count on all of you to continue your support and uplift your loved ones as they make our fraternity stronger.

There will be times that we are away from home but know that it is for a noble cause. Some of the world’s most prominent leaders have walked the same steps that these gentlemen have before you and I am proud that they are my brothers.

For those of you who do not know our historic lodge truly has a place amongst the stars and Canaveral’s flag can be seen at the grand lodge that once flew into orbit on the Apollo7 mission. It is the dedication and passion from those who have come before us that continue to fuel our fire so During this 60-year milestone that our lodge will reach it is my goal to keep Canaveral Strong. 

We will be picking up with great momentum where our past master left us. As our leadership team has discussed Communication, education and forward progress will be our goals for this year. We have the right men for the job and the proper knowledge to do so.

Thank you and God bless. 



Brother Todd Forschino

Senior Warden 

PM Robert Wicker 

Junior Warden

PM Darrell Schmitt 


PM Dan Maltby


                                                               Brother Matt Congnac                                                              

Senior Deacon   

Brother Mike Robinette  

Junior Deacon 

Brother Rick Schulze

Senior Steward       

 PM John Johanson 

 Junior Steward       


Brother Mike Swanberg 



PM Terry Lewis



Brother Cliff Schmitt   



PM Rodger Fowler