Lodge Officers

2023 Officers

Worshipful Master Todd Forschino

Worshipful Master’s Message 

Our fraternity has a rich history rooted in the foundations of knowledge throughout history. I am humbled by the blessings bestowed upon me by the many brothers who have come before us and are here at Canaveral and throughout our District. Those brothers who continue to mentor me through my Masonic journey inspire me to continue to learn and help others coming into this great fraternity. I appreciate each of our brothers in the Lodge and what they bring personally to our fraternity, and I am a better person because of them.

I had some great moments with a brother mason of forty-plus years and a man I got to call Dad. During the past few years of his spectacular life, my father and I spent many moments working and learning together when I entered the fraternity. I absorbed all I could about this great organization from his passion for Freemasonry and what it had done for his life. He was always sharing his Faith, his Hope, and how to be Charitable to those in need. A chapter of my life’s novel concluded with an ending of my dad’s masonic journey and life here with us on January 10th of, 2022. Our family lost an amazing man, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and Mason.

Although this moment was the ending of a chapter in my novel, my life is still being written with many new pages and chapters surrounded by history and a legacy of sacrifices many men and their families selflessly gave, paving many paths for all of us in our fraternity. Our breath affords us moments to continue to write our stories within our novels. Through fellowship with one another, our fraternity finds solace in our shared hopes and dreams for a brighter future. As Freemasons, we seek to share our gifts with the world to make it a better place. With these blessings, may we always celebrate a fraternity rooted in the history of those who have come before us, showing their Faith, Hope, and Charity.

I will strive to maintain the fraternity’s traditions and values, especially for those family and friends of masons who have moved on to heaven above. Let us honor them by reaching for higher levels of understanding in each of our lives and by continuing to work closely together, helping to make our world better today and for future generations.

God Bless You and all the days to come.

                                                                                                                              PM Robert Wicker 

Senior Warden 

Brother Rick Schulze

Junior Warden

PM Darrell Schmitt 


PM Dan Maltby


                                                        Past Master Billy Zielinski                                                           

Senior Deacon   

PM Terry Lewis 

Junior Deacon 

Juan Avendano

       Senior Steward       

 Junior Steward       


Brother Mike Swanberg 





Brother Cliff Schmitt   


PM Bob Watkins


PM John Johanson 

Lodge Mentor