Brothers Who Have Passed On

In Memory of OUR Masonic Brothers, we say goodbye to the following brothers.
Their families are in our thoughts and prayers. Though they have left us, they are not forgotten.



Henry Forschino 

James Fayed, Sr.
Francis Vengren 
Wendell Isacc Wilkins 
Russell Edmund Fowler 

Barry L. Spencer, Sr.
Walter W. Taylor
Clayton Workman, Jr,
Herman Hoyle Efrid

Walter R. Priester
Ronald R. Vaughn
Armin G. Wolle

David L. Cooper
Billy D. Emrick
John C. Hallenborg
Ralph Tompkins
Carlos J. Orsini
Ralph W. Robb
Dale E. Prosuhn
Joseph R. Morgan
Jack B. Schwartz

Carleton K. Clark
Eugene J. Leto
Marvin H. Gay
Joseph P. Davies
Darol K. Evans
David F. Henderson
Bruce Laubenheimer, Sr.
Eugene A. Sanderlin
Ralph W. Swanson