“Fail to plan, plan to fail”



Volume 3, Issue 8 December 12, 2012

“Fail to plan, plan to fail”

Dear Brothers:

In a few days most of the elections would be over and everyone should be filled with excitement and anticipation of what is to come, no doubt a special time for everyone involved. However the newness will soon wear off and everyone will be looking at you for leadership are you ready, I mean are you really ready, have you done your homework, do you have a plan, do you know what is ahead, are you ready to lead or are you going to play it by ear, the seat of your pants or are you waiting for divine knowledge to hit you each and every night you have a meeting.

Well for those of you that started to plan back in October, Congratulations! I hope you have looked at your Lodge closely and have determined the Lodge needs and that you have enlisted the help of the Lodge Officers and Brothers in order to be successful, the plan will not mean anything if the Brothers don’t buy into it. I wish you a great Installation and exciting first meeting where you lay out your year to all of your Brothers in order to get them behind you in a successful implementation of your plans.

To those that will start planning after the elections you are behind the eight ball and need to get up to speed in the next two weeks to a month depending on your installation day. By now I hope you have read the Masonic Leadership Training Manual, have taken some of the Lodge Officers Courses online, and have a Master Handbook to help you start planning your year. Also don’t forget that old trusty and faithful Digest of the Masonic Law of Florida. Just to mention a few of the materials you will need in order to prepare for your year and refer to all your responsibilities and that of the Lodge Officers as you will now assume the role of Chief executive Officer and are responsible for all that goes on in the Lodge, Like M W Harry Truman use to say the “Buck stops here” and that means with you.

For those of you, that have not planned anything nor are willing to put the time into it to make a good faith effort, shame on you for accepting the position, for you are on your way not only to disappoint yourself but many of your Brothers that have placed their trust in you.

By your actions you continue to prove that social promotions for title seekers continues to plague our Fraternity, perpetuate the fallacy of electing Brothers that have simply been in the line without really performing their duties and responsibilities and just filling in ’til we get to the top, only to prove they have no leadership position and will let everyone down.

So after you have completely taken the luster and prestige that the title of Worshipful Master deserves, you have lowered the standards to another low and handed Freemasonry another blow, by dishonoring its hallowed halls. Remember that you may have the title, however your peers have your reputation in their hands when they share with your Brethren the fact that you didn’t earned it. But worst the fact that you squandered yet another opportunity they so gracefully placed in your hands.

Up to now we have been discussing the three different types of Worshipful Masters that will be installed soon after December 27, 2012. Now we need to point out the Worshipful Master every Lodge needs. All of our Lodges need to have and should have the very best Worshipful Masters that can possibly be made with dedicated Brothers. The Brothers of the Lodge need to remember their responsibilities in electing not a buddy, but a Brother truly qualified to meet the challenge of the Lodge and propel Freemasonry to greater heights. This should be every ones thought when going to Lodge on election night.

The Worshipful Master that we need in every Lodge is one that is amiable, intelligent, with a good business sense, a planner, a communicator, someone that can inspire men and most importantly someone that will leave a legacy of leadership by inspiring and teaching his Brothers how to lead in his absence, a true mark of leadership.

We also need to discuss the type of Brothers that should make up a good Lodge. This Brother in my estimation needs to be pretty much like the Worshipful Master. He needs to be friendly, bright, understand how important he is to the success of the Lodge and be an active participant in his Lodge. These are the type of Masons we need if we are to move our Fraternity forward.

These brothers need to be familiar with our Laws, Rules and Regulations so they will know when the Lodge is being governed in a proper or arbitrary manner. They need to know if the Mandatory Committees are being appointed and more importantly if they are fulfilling their responsibilities. All too often these committees fail to do their job and no one is the wiser for it or at least do not bring it to the attention of the Worshipful Master or the Lodge.

After looking at the many reports from the DDGM’s I can tell you that many of the committees appointed at the Lodge level are not functioning properly, or do not have a proper understanding of their responsibilities as described in the Uniform Code of By-laws. More especially the Finance, Petitions, Investigation, Masonic Education, and Vigilance Committees, and we are in desperate need of Brothers that serve on these committees to know their responsibilities because many times over the Officers including the Master does not have a good understanding of their duties and responsibilities; to the extent that some of them do not even name the Investigations Committee, which they wrongfully allow other Officers or side liners to appoint. Another failure can be found in the way the Finance Committee functions and their lack of performance in the Lodge which can lead the members to have a false sense of the Lodge Finances for their lack of reporting or understanding their duties and responsibilities.

My Brothers all of us can make a difference by electing those Brothers that have Masonry’s best interest at heart, NO SOCIAL PROMOTIONS, no buddy promotion, only qualified Brothers need apply so to speak. Get involved in your Lodge business after all you have something at stake, it is your Lodge. “Be a Leader Make a Difference.” your personal involvement will bring you two fold in satisfaction and fulfillment for helping your Brother and your Lodge.

Respectfully and Fraternally Submitted, I remain your most humble servant

Jorge L. Aladro
Grand Master

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