Welcome to Canaveral Lodge No. 339

We are pleased to have you visit our website where you can learn about Free Masonry, our Lodge and meet our Officers and volunteers. There is more information on our website for your enjoyment.

We believe we have a lot to offer in our community and we are constantly gathering information to keep our Neighborhood updated. If we have not covered information you are looking for please feel free to send us an email.

Lodge Officers:
  Terry L. Lewis – Worshipful Master
  John Johanson, PM – Senior Warden
  Dan Maltby, PM – Junior Warden
  Danny E. Cook, PM – Treasurer
  Rick Jones, PM -Secretary
  Raymond Garubo – Chaplain
  Thomas W. Stuart, Jr – Marshall
  Darrell Schmitt – Senior Deacon
  Jim Cannon – Junior Deacon
  John Tweedy – Senior Steward
  Peter Paul – Junior Steward
  Clifton W. Schmitt – Tyler
  Rodger S. Fowler, PM – Historian
For more information on the officers please visit the Lodge Officers page.